Research Project

Impairment of the Central Nervous System (CNS) often affects vital functions such as vision, in the case of glaucoma, or motor functions, in the cases of multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries. Most of the patients suffering from CNS injuries must endure irreversible disabilities as a result of these insults. Moreover, injuries to the spinal cord often affect young adults, who will have to deal with severe disabilities for the rest of their lives. The main cause for a lack of efficient treatment is that unlike young neurons, mature neurons from the CNS lose the ability to regenerate their axons after injury. This will often lead to the death of the neuron.

Thus understanding the detailed mechanisms of neuronal growth, repair and functional recovery remain not only one of the greatest questions of Neurobiology but represents also a major challenge for public health and society.

The team addresses the difficult question of CNS regeneration/degeneration from different axis:

  • Axis 1: Guidance of regenerative fibers

  • Axis 2: Reformation of a functional circuit after injury

  • Axis 3: Mechanisms to promote regeneration

  • Axis 4: Therapeutic development to promote neuroprotection and regeneration