Technics used in the lab

Our philosophy: always be at the forefront of the methodology to obtain the best results.

We have set up and are currently using a large panel of technics in the lab to answer all the questions of our scientific projects.

Here is the list of technics currently used in the lab:

  • Mice models (transgenic mice, optic nerve and spinal cord surgeries)

  • Molecular Biology/Virus engineering & production: One of our principal approaches is to modulate in-vivo and in-vitro protein expression by cDNA/shRNA transduction by Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) or lentivirus. We are also using modified Rabies virus for circuit tracing in-vivo.
    We are designing and producing in our P2+ facility the entire collection of viruses needed for our analysis.

  • Histology: Immunohistochemistry; Immunofluorescence; In situ hybridization.
    Histology technics are the very first steps of numerous of our approaches. We are detecting our molecules of interest from mRNA to proteins and from cells to whole tissues. Indeed, we are currently using whole tissue clarification technics for unbiased analysis (brain, spinal cord, optic nerve, etc.). 

  • Biochemistry: Immunoprecipitation, western-blot

  • Mass Spectrometry and RNA analysis (deep sequencing/transcriptomics)

  • Cell Biology: Microfluidics chambers; primary neuron culture; cell lines culture. We particularly focus on our unique system of adult retina explant culture that mimic the in-vivo phenotypes but allow molecular mechanism analysis at single axon level.

  • Microscopy: Epifluorescence; Spinning disc; Confocal; Light Sheet.