Homaira NAWABI, PhD, Associate Professor

Homaira was born in Kabul (Afghanistan) and moved to Lyon (France) when she was 9. She did her PhD in Valérie Castellani’s lab in Lyon (France). She was into understanding how the nervous system is shaped. Then she moved to Boston (USA) to do her post doc in Zhigang He’s lab (Boston Childrens Hospital-Harvard Medical School). It was so exciting to grow back axons in the damaged central nervous system. Since 2016 she is a INSERM researcher and group leader at the Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience in France.
Homaira loves reading (she always reads the last chapter first! She is a huge fan of Preston & Child), baking cakes (it’s eatable and fun kind of bench work) and spending time with her daughters and husband.


Stephane BELIN, PhD, Associate Professor

Stephane was born and raised in Saint-Etienne (France). He did his PhD in Jean-Jacques Diaz’s team in Lyon (France). He started there a long-lasting love with ribosome and translation regulation. Then he moved to Boston (USA) to do his post doc jointly in Zhigang He’s lab and Judith Steen’s lab (Boston Childrens Hospital-Harvard Medical School). He developed in vivo proteomics analysis to decipher the neuronal injury response and highlight new neuroprotective and regenerative targets. He became at INSERM researcher in 2017. Now he is very excited about translation regulation in neurons. 
Stephane is supporting the best soccer team in the whole world... AS-Saint Etienne (Allé les Verts!!!!). He enjoys reading comic books and everything related to History. He's a great cook!


Celine TARDY, PhD Student

Céline was born and raised in Echirolles (France). She studied at the Grenoble Alpes University where she obtained her Master’s degree in Neurobiology in 2017. Céline is interested about the axon guidance during Central Nervous System regeneration. She also participates to make science more accessible to the public as a Pint of Science volunteer. Céline enjoys sailing, surfing and spending time with her friends. 

Julia SCHAEFFER, PhD, Post doc

Julia was born and raised in Paris (France). After two years of class prépa in maths and physics, Julia graduated as an Engineer, from the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique-Paris, but fell back in love with biology after her Master’s degree. She did her PhD in Developmental Neurobiology at the University of Cambridge, working on the development of spinal nerves in the chick embryo. Julia likes to play volleyball, hike in mountains and gather with friends in pubs.


Noémie VILALLONGUE, PhD Student

Noémie was born in Perpignan (France). After her scientific bachelor’s degree graduation, she went to Montpellier where she spent 2 years at the medical school and then, she did the second year of the biology degree. Noémie achieved her degree at Grenoble University and she recently validated her first master year. She completed her internship in the team and she is happy to continue her cursus in the lab even during summer! Noémie likes drawing, cooking and spend time with her family. 


Charlotte DECOURT, PhD Student

Floriane ALBERT, Research Assistant

I was born in Grenoble. After obtaining my baccalaureate, I became a pharmaceutical assistant, before obtaining a BTS ANABIOTEC . I did my internship at the Institut Albert Bonniot in the team of Béatrice Eymin working on lung cancer. I stayed with them for 2 years as a Technician. I then obtained a permanant position asResearch Technician in Lyon at the team of Professor Jean François Nicolas. I worked for 4 years on "Immunology of cutaneous allergy and vaccination". Since 2017 I joined Homaira & Stephane's team at GIN.

 Elise PLISSONNIER, Research Assistant

Elise was born and raised in Grenoble. After her professional bachelor’s degree on Animal Experimentation, she obtained two year’s  technician degree in biology and biotechnology experimental analysis. She pursues her studies with a three year professional degree on analytical chemistry. Since beginning of 2020, she enjoy joining Homaira & Stephane team at the Institute of Neuroscience. she like mountains and its Snowbard and hiking activities; As real « Grenobloise !!! », Traveling and discovering new cultures around the world is also her hobby.

Blandine EXCOFFIER, Research Assistant

I was born in Lyon and after a little trip of 6 years in Raiatea (French Polynesia), I spend the most of my life in this city. 
I studied at Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University where I obtained my Master’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology : Bio-imaging. 
In 2019, I joined Homaira Nawabi's Lab in 2019 to worked as a research assistant on viral production and on the acquisition of microscopy images for the team. 
My specialization in microscopy allows me to combine my my work with my passions which is photography, but I also like to cook, go out with friends and tinker.  

Antoine PACCARD, Research Technician

Antoine was born in Privas (Ardèche) and raised in Grenoble. After a bachelor’s degree in cell biology and physiology in Dijon, he did a first year of master’s degree in animal ethology at Besançon. Then he achieved in 2018 a master’s degree in : Integrated Cellular Neuroscience at the Sorbonne University at Paris. He worked for almost 2 years at the Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience with the ‘brain, behaviour and neuromodulation’ team on a treatment for neurodegeneration. Antoine likes squash, ultimate frisbee, music and zetetic.